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H.E. Ambassador PANG Sen Informs Iran of the Search and Rescue of SANCHI tanker

On 11 January, 2018, H.E. Ambassador PANG Sen met with Dr. Rabiei, Minister of Cooperatives, Labour and Social Welfare of Iran, informing him of the latest progress of the ship collision in East China Sea on 6 January and the updates of the search and rescue operations of China.

Ambassador Pang said Chinese leaders have attached great importance to the accident since it happened and Premier LI Keqiang has given important instructions at the first stage, requiring all relevant departments to carry out full-scale search and rescue efforts and do their utmost to rescue the missing crew members. China, out of friendly relations between China and Iran and international humanitarian spirit, is mobilizing all its resources to conduct search and rescue of SANCHI missing crew members in a scientific and effective manner . The accident vessel continued to burn and explode, and the sea conditions in the incident area were harsh. The Chinese rescuers risked many threats to approaching the accident vessel, and carried out search and rescue and fire fighting operations at close ranges. China has always taken the salvation of the people as the most important task and will never relax the rescue work of the crew concerned.

Dr. Rabiei expressed gratitude to the Chinese side for the search and rescue work, and hoped that the Chinese side would continue to increase its search and rescue efforts to save people at an early date. Iran is willing to work closely with China in dealing with the aftermath.

Ambassador Pang and Dr. Rabiei held a joint press conference after the meeting. Ambassador Pang stressed that China will continue to carry out search and rescue work so as to minimize casualties and property losses.

Recently, Ambassador Pang also met with senior executives of National Iranian Tanker Company to exchange views on search and rescue cooperation.

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